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A number of villages, school districts, and townships have submitted funding proposals for the November ballot in Henry County, before the filing deadline closed on Wednesday afternoon.

The Napoleon Area Schools are seeking passage of an additional levy for current operating expenses, in a 2.9 mill levy over a 5 year period.        And the Holgate Local School District has two renewal levies on the ballot, including a 1.68 mill levy for emergency requirements, and another 2 mill levy to help pay for construction, remodeling or equipping buildings.  Both Holgate renewal levies will cover a five-year period.

            The village of Deshler has a new 2.1 mill levy on the ballot to pay for police protection.   That’s a five year levy.

The village of McClure is seeking an additional 1.5 mill levy to pay for repairs to the street in town.   That’s also for a five year period.

                        And the village of Florida is seeking renewal of their 4 mill levy for current expenses, covering a five year period.

                        Damascus, Freedom, and Marion Township all have replacement levies on the ballot in November in Henry CountyDamascus Township is seeking 2 mills for maintaining fire fighting facilities.   Freedom Township is asking for 1.5 mills for fire protection and emergency Medical Service expenses.

And Marion Township is seeking replacement of their 1.8 mill levy for current expenses.      Marion Township is also asking for passage of a 2.9 mill bond issue for 20 years to pay for renovations and improvements for a building for fire protection.                    And Liberty Township has a request for Sunday sale of liquor for Grandma’s General Store.

A levy has also been proposed in the four counties of northwest Ohio, seeking renewal of a seven-tenths mill levy for current expenses for the board of Alcohol, Drug Addiction, and mental health services, covering a five-year period.


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