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After being convicted in Henry County Common Pleas Court of the felony charge of Unlawful Interest in a Public Contract, former county commissioner Rich Myers stood before visiting Judge Randall Basinger today (Thur.), awaiting his sentence for that crime.   Prior to his announcement of sentence Judge Basinger stated, it appeared that Rich Myers acted on behalf of Henry County, in a misguided attempt to promote economic development, by trying to get commissioners to support the project to move Revenge Designs Car Company to Henry County, and give them money.  The judge further stated that Myers should have known the combination of his own personal interest in the project, and his role of acting commissioner, was bad judgement.    Judge Basinger did not feel Rich Myers was a corrupt office holder.   After those statements, the judge said a jail term was not appropriate in this case; and that Rich Myers should be placed on community control for one year.   100 hours of community service was also ordered for Myers, and to pay the costs of prosecution and other court costs.

                        As far as restitution that the state sought for the $300,000 loan that has not been paid back by Revenge Designs; judge Basinger stated that Rich Myers was not obligated to pay that.   The judge said Henry County could pursue other means to collect that money from Peter Colaraffi and Revenge Designs.               If Myers violates terms of this community control, an 18 month prison term could be imposed by the court.     Rich Myers attorney said it was too early to tell if his client would appeal the verdict and sentence.


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